Sparano Offered Coaching Job?

According to the New Haven Register, the Dolphins have offered Tony Sparano the head coaching job. The report also says that Sparano will accept it as soon as the Cowboys' season is finished. The Cowboys are currently in the playoffs. Remember those?

The report is considered significant because New Haven is Sparano's home town.

As per usual, PFT has been all over this story. And, as per usual, they're spreading all kinds of arbitrary, ineffectual rhetoric about it. The first is that, if Parcells did in fact offer Sparano the job, it is a clear violation of the Rooney Rule. And while the Dolphins plan on bringing in Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier (a minority) in for an interview this week, the fact that this report is out there could allow Frazier to decline the interview since it's all for show anyway. And this could create a mess. PFT also blames Sparano for allowing this news -- if true -- to leak. PFT also goes on to mention that ESPN's Chris Mortensen says that Sparano prefers the Ravens job over Miami's.

Also, PFT says that Sparano and Parcells share the same agent. This, according to them, probably means that the Fins may be putting out misinformation in order to scare off other suitors -- mainly, the Ravens. And, the Palm Beach Post is saying that Sparano is not as much as a lock as we all think. The Post says ex-Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan could be the man for the job.

So what can we glean from all this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So stay tuned!!!

But don't go away feeling empty handed. You learned some new things in this post. You learned that Parcells and Sparano share the same agent (ohhh! Thanks PFT!) You also learned that New Haven, Connecticut is the home of one Tony Sparano.

Know what else calls New Haven, Connecticut home? The hamburger! It was invented there!

Don't ever say that you never learn nothing from me. -- Chris Joseph

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