Spanish Language TV Host Frank Cairo Stole Kmart Chairs From Doral Apartment

Frank Cairo is used to being on camera. He currently works for TV Azteca, but has had hosting stints on Univision, Telemundo and Mega TV. Though, his latest on-camera work shows him stealing two lawn chairs and a rug from his neighbors apartment in Doral. Cairo, whose real name is Ivan Valdés, was arrested for the theft.

Cairo, 48, and a friend, Jorge Acuña Arias, 47, were caught on video surveillance footage peaking into windows and porches at the Captiva complex in Doral on April 29. The two were seen making off with two lawn chairs and a rug. The owner of the apartment checked his surveillance video and asked neighbors if they recognized the duo. This eventually lead to Cairo and Arias who live in the apartment above.

Cairo was identified and arrested, but when local media showed up to cover his arrest he became indignant.

"My love," he told a reporter in Spanish according to El Nuevo Herald, "I earn more than a half million dollars a year. I don't need to steal chairs from Kmart. I love Kmart. Behind the video, there is a story."

Cairo latter admitted to police that he did indeed steal the items according to WSVN, but he thought that the apartment was abandoned. Turns out that the owners just live part of the year in Mexico.

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