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Spain's New King, Felipe VI, to Give Masterclass at Miami Dade College Tonight

It's not every day you wake up and find your town is getting a royal visit, but, hey, turns out the King and Queen of Spain will be in town today. Yes, King Felipe VI plans to drop by the Freedom Tower to give a masterclass later this evening and then will head off to the opening of a Spanish film festival with his wife Queen Letizia. 

This is the first time Miami has played host to Spanish royals since 2009, but this time it's a brand new king and queen. Felipe VI, 47, took over the monarchy just last June after his scandal-ridden father Juan Carlos abdicated the throne. He rules alongside his famously fashionable wife Letizia, a former television journalist. 

The royal couple started their first trip as king and queen to America earlier this week by meeting with President Barack Obama, during which the two leaders discussed the Syrian refugee crises. Yesterday, the couple hit up Georgetown University, which happens to be Felipe's alma matter. 

Tonight the King will be addressing MDC students at the Freedom Tower, but details are few and far between. The school hasn't even released what subject he'll actually be discussing. 

Then it's off to the Olympia Theater for the kickoff of the annual Recent Cinema from Spain series.  Tomorrow will cap off the Royal's four-day tour of America. They'll visit St. Augustine to commemorate the former Spanish colony's 450th-anniversary commemoration. 

Like most modern European royals, Flipe and Letizia have few actual powers, but the new king has taken it upon himself to strengthen ties with Hispanics in the Americas. 

There's no word on whether Gov. Rick Scott will meet with the couple. In 2012, he traveled to Spain and met with the previous King Juan Carlos. It didn't go too well, and Scott was promptly mocked in the Spanish media. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder