South Florida Gets First Gay Polo League, the Jokes Write Themselves

Let's pretend for a second that a bunch of men straddling horses, whacking balls with long shafts is not already homoerotic. You might need a title like Gay Polo League to convey that your players are, literally, homosexual. And you might want to compete in a place like South Florida where everyone will freaking love you.

That's what's happening April 4 in Wellington. Gay polo teams -- from L.A. to New York -- will battle at the First International Gay Polo Tournament.

Naturally, the rules are the same as straight polo and the so is the, um, equipment. So what's the difference between gay polo and non-gay polo? A spokesperson tells the New York Post: "Of course, the uniforms are a little chic-er . . . the balls are a little nicer, too."

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Natalie O'Neill
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