South Florida "Amazon Women" Make International Headlines

​Like most things strange, there's a booming market for Amazon Women in South Florida. Riptide came across the phenomenon back in 2008 when we learned: (1) Amazon Women are the size of NBA basketball players. (2) They get paid to make men feel small.(3)They hold private fetish sessions.

Oh yeah. And they earn more annually than some doctors.

While writing a New Times feature about these women, we went to several sessions. They were mostly at mid-rate hotels in Hollywood. Men wanted to be lifted up, cradled like a baby, and squished between massive thighs.The ladies took home $400-600 per hour. There was no sex.

It has gotten more expensive. Last week, the New Zealand-based Yahoo Xtra! profiled Amazon Amanda, one of the South Florida women from the story. Apparently, a crappy economy can not penetrate the fetish world: She now earns $850 per hour, a jump from the $600 she made in 2008. She takes home a total of $106,000 annually. (Kinda makes you want to drop out of grad school, huh?)

Her lovelife has gotten better, too. In 2008, Amanda was having trouble finding a boyfriend. The obvious Catch 22: She can't date her clients because they are nuts. But all the nice, normal guys aren't into girls who sit on faces for a living.

Here's Yahoo's (somewhat trite) romantic update:

"Now she's saving for a house with her boyfriend Tim, 35, who she started dating in 2008. At 70kg, Tim is less than half Amanda's weight. 'I like the fact that he's smaller than me because it makes me look even bigger!' she reveals. Tim completely supports my work. He thinks what I do is amazing and laughs at some of the requests.' Amanda reveals she'll lose weight only if she decides to try for a baby."

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