South Beach Man's Post-Robbery Video Goes Viral

In the midst of an already tense weekend in Miami Beach, David H. Johnson uploaded a video to Facebook informing friends he had been robbed and was temporarily without a phone. His face was marred with stitches, contusions, cuts, and scrapes, and the video soon spread beyond his friend group to other concerned Miami Beach citizens. The video has now racked up almost 25,000 views. 

"Hey, everyone, I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that I got pretty messed up, as you can see from my face, on South Beach in the early-morning hours when I was coming home from going out," Johnson says in the video. 

Johnson, 42, says he was riding his skateboard when he passed two men around 3 a.m. The men then attacked him from behind and slammed his face onto the ground. The crooks then made off with his wallet and cell phone. Unfortunately, no one else was around in the area at the time, and, with his phone snatched, Johnson was unable to call for help or report the incident to police until eight hours later. 

Now Miami Beach Police have released the police report to New Times

The incident happened near 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, just a few blocks from Johnson's apartment. The suspects not only robbed and assaulted Johnson but also struck him multiple times with his own skateboard. 

A bruised and bloodied Johnson told police he tried to chase the suspects, but they got away. 

Eventually, Johnson returned home, and his roommate took him to Mount Sinai Medical Center for treatment. One would required stitches. 

The two perpetrators are believed to be black men in their 20s, but police have no leads yet.

If found, the suspects would face charges of strong-arm robbery with aggravated assault. 

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