South Beach B-Girls Scam Artist Arrested at Miami International Airport

Also read "Eastern European B-Girls in SoBe Scam."

It was perhaps the perfect South Beach scam. A ring of Eastern European men set up private "night clubs" and sent beautiful girls out on the town to bring in unsuspecting male tourists. Once inside, the victim's credit cards were charged exorbitant prices for drinks and the "B-Girls," aka bar girls, got a 20 percent cut. The ring was dismantled in April 2011, and most involved were arrested. Though the "kingpin," Alex Simchuk, remained at large.

Simchuck was finally arrested yesterday at Miami International Airport.

Simchuk, 45, is a Latvian resident. FBI officials nabbed him at 2 p.m on Thursday. It's unclear if he was leaving or entering the country. He is also suspected of having ties to the Russian mob.

The ring was allegedly tied to six clubs in South Beach: Caviar Bar, Stars Lounge, Club Moreno, Nowhere Bar, Steel Toast, and Tangia Club. All were on Washington Avenue, with all but one located between the 600 and 800 block.

The feds say women would lure the men to the clubs from legit hotspots like the Delano and the Clevelander. More than 88 victims were targeted.

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