Soupnazi Hacker: "The Computer Was His Best Friend"

Albert Gonzalez (aka Soupnazi), the Miami-man accused of stealing data from 130 million credit cards, isn't a ruthless criminal says his lawyer, he's just a poor, helpless computer addict.

"He was self-taught," said his lawyer Rene Palamino in an interview with PC World. "He didn't go out in the sandbox or play baseball. The computer was his best friend." 

Like a crackhead looking for stronger and stronger rock, Gonzalez was just looking for bigger challenges to test his abilities.

"One challenge was not enough and he'd move on to another challenge," he said. "It wasn't healthy. It's a sickness. It's a problem that has not been addressed in our society."

Palamino points out that he may not have intended to hurt anyone, but he did live a fancy lifestyle and code named his hacker attacks "Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin." 

A computer addict he may be, but like an actually crack addict who resorts to crime to get his next fix, we're not sure it's going to mean much in the way of what his final sentence could come down to. 

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