Son of "Michael the Black Man" Charged With Shooting at Swimmers with AK47

In today's news roundup: the son of everyone's favorite anti-Obama, ex-cultist Michael the Black Man, is charged with shooting at two swimmers with an AK47, the Metromover re-opens, Miami-Dade may start charging for parking at parks, and neighbors fight over a dog attack.

Remember Michael the Black Man? He's the guy with the colorful past who interrupted a campaign appearance by Barack Obama two years ago on the UM campus by leading a group of people holding up signs that said, "Black Against Obama" and "Obama Endorsed by the KKK." Yeah, how could you forget.

He has a pad in North Miami Beach with a 65-foot yacht outside. Friday night, two teenagers who were out a nearby party decided to swim across a canal to jump off the boat. Michael Blackaman, aka Maurice Woodside, grabbed a gun, shot at the two twice to spook them off and called 911.

He's 22 year-old-son, Jeremiah Parham, didn't think that was enough. So he grabbed an AK-47 and sprayed the canal with bullets until the two teens swam to the other side. He's now being charged with aggravated assault. [NBCMiami]

  • After a crash that injured 16 passengers, all of the Metromover is now back open for service. [Herald]
  • In Southwest Miami-Dade a set of neighbors are arguing over doggy medical bills. One neighbor says her pet Shitzu was attacked viciously by the other's mixed breed puppies and wants them to pay the bills. [WSVN]
  • Miami-Dade may start charging for parking at more parks. As a way to offset costs, they county is preparing to charge $5 per car to park at six larger parks. This would even include parking for parents who just want to watch their kids soccer game. [Herald]

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.