Someone is Actually Starting a New Paper: The Lead

God bless anyone starting a new print publication in these economic times. Especially in Miami, and especially during the summer, but to be honest we're kind of excited to see someone try.

Details are sketchy at this point and nothing is confirmed, but a new Miami Beach-centric paper seems to be on the horizon. Dubbed The Lead Miami Beach, the start-up has a holder webpage up with the front page of a media kit.

We hear former SunPost scribe Lee Molloy (who left the paper along with editor Angie Hargot in late February or early March) is involved in a major way. Also said to be involved in someway is PR maven/former Temptation Island contestant Matt Heien. Not familiar with Heien? Molloy wrote a glowing piece about him for the SunPost in February [link: PDF].

The Lead promises "to stay on the cutting edge of political,

social and artistic movements that encompass our community. The

paramount visual element of The Lead focuses on bridging the divide

between images and the written word. While putting a premium on local

art and photography, we become the canvas of the community."

So, it will be pretty to look at. We hear that the first issue is

supposed to be out in two weeks.  To be honest though, we're sort of speechless as to why anyone would start up a print publication from

scratch, instead of starting up a quality blog or web-only publication.

Anymore info? Email us.

Edit: This post earlier said Molloy and Hargot were let go from The SunPost. To clarify, we only know that they left the paper.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.