Somehow More People Would Vote for Sarah Palin for President than Jeb Bush

Even some of the more heated Dubya-haters would concede a Jeb Bush presidency probably wouldn't be worse than his brother's terms in office. I'm not so sure they'd say the same about Sarah Palin. Yet Palin has a greater favorability rating throughout the land and a better, though still long, shot at the presidency in 2012.

Public Policy Polling put Bush on its latest list of hypothetical Obama opponents for 2012. Fifty percent of Americans would vote for Obama again, while only 37 percent say they would vote for our former governor. Even Palin could muster 38 percent (though, against Palin, Obama's vote share shot up to 53 percent).

Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee fare somewhat better, each holding Obama to 48 percent, while Huckabee gets the support of 41 percent of those polled, and Romney gets 39 percent.

Jeb Bush has a national favorability rating of only 22 percent, while his unfavorability is more than twice that at 45 percent. Meanwhile, the president's approval rating came in at 52 percent.

I guess this dashes our hopes for a Jeb-Palin ticket. Though maybe it's for the best that Noelle and Bristol never crossed paths.

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