Some Other Florida Football Team Takes on Nick Saban's Alabama This Weekend

Riptide's dear Miami Hurricanes won't be playing this week, and instead will watch as a team they beat take on a team they narrowly lost to in OT battle it out for the ACC championship. That should be interesting and all --we've got our money on GT, btw--, but it pales in comparison to Saturday's SEC championship game between Florida and Alabama. It's the #1 team in the nation against the #2, and may prove to be more of a decider in who reigns as this year's National Champion more so than the actual championship game (then again, who knows, Texas could still prevail.) 

On one side we have erstwhile 'Canes rivals the Florida Gators trying to make their way to their third championship in four years. If they're successful they'd have four titles on their mantle, dangerously close to the 'Canes' five.

On the other we have the Alabama Crimson Tide, coached by Nick Saban. That fiery-pantsed liar who high tailed it out of his job as the Miami Dolphin's coach to take this job, all the while saying he'd do the exact opposite. 

What's the 305-faithful to do? Probably bury your head under a pillow and wait until next season. Though, there's some state-pride in rooting for the Gators, right? Right? Hell, FSU grad Charlie Crist is making bets on UF's behalf (when he's not busy calling sex chat lines). He's likely to get those ribs too. The Gators are the five point favorite. 

Anyway, when Saturday is all said and done, Sunday will bring news of whether the 'Canes fall victim to that Bowden doomsday bowl scenario

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Kyle Munzenrieder