Social Media Day Hits Miami Today at 7 p.m., With Free Champagne!

We know that the moment we say anything is free, the masses head out in droves (free garbage, anyone?), but today's local Social Media Day, held at the Pelican Hotel, is so much more than just free champagne.

Once you can see past the really basic fonts on the logo, you'll see the bigger picture: A worldwide event is taking place today to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social, and Miami is joining in. It's nationally sponsored by Mashable (and locally by BRPR Group) to connect with the social media community.

BRPR Group has been tweeting frantically in anticipation of the event, and last we checked, the event already has more than 10,000 RSVPs globally from 93 countries for 609 meetups scheduled for today -- and that's not including all of the people who've RSVPed via Facebook. In our humble state, there are 13 meetups planned for today, with Miami trumping the rest with 83 RSVPs from meetup.com alone as of last night. But what can you really expect from today's festivities?

This event is for those who are digitally social (or would like to be), so checking in on Foursquare, tweeting from the event, or mentioning it on Facebook are encouraged -- and you'll actually receive complimentary Prosecco from the Pelican for doing it! Just be sure to use #smday as a hashtag.

To officially be part of the online meetup, navigate yourself to the event's meet-up page and RSVP -- and get a sneak peek of who's attending. To stay in the know of what's happening globally, just follow Social Media Day on Twitter

UStream will live-stream the event, and BRPR is promising lots of surprises. One thing they would reveal is a private message for Miami from Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore via flat-screen. The fun takes place from 7 to 9 tonight. Will we see you there?

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