Social Crush at the Sagamore

While we happily hung up our single status months ago, the boy and I do still go our separate ways on an occasional evening. (A girl can't lose touch with her gay boyfriends, can she?) So this past Saturday night, I put on a flirty and flouncy Betsey Johnson dress and a pair of leggings leftover from my high school days and headed to the weekly hotel party, Social Miami, at Sagamore. In celebration of National Singles Week, the theme was Social Crush, and the original press release from Tara, Ink said that there would be "secret crush" games and kissing booths, but, apparently, that part of the party was moved to the other evening soiree at Glass. We were kind of bummed about missing out on the promised grade-school games of flirtation, but the free Cosmopolitans supplied enough liquid courage so that even the shyest guys were dancing in the bushes to impress the ladies. While standing in line at the bar, we overhead several getting-to-know-you conversations: "Where are you from? What do you do? Oh, really? How interesting!" (Not really, but you have to start somewhere, right?)

The single and fabulous local filmmaker Joanna Popper asked the obvious question, "Isn't every night singles night in Miami?" Why, yes, we suppose it is, and we always hear the same complaint from our single friends: "It is so hard to meet people here!" The nice, naturally pretty girls wonder how they are supposed to compete with a sea of plastic dolls in tiny tops and short-shorts. But, ladies, do you really want to hook up with the kind of guys who are attracted to that? We don't think so. Shake it off, and keep on looking.

With cocktails in hand, we squeezed our way past a group of happy Jewish singles wishing each other Shana Tovah and settled into the cabana next to reality TV personality Beau Beasley, who was looking adorable in his skinny jeans with a stylish belt declaring his status -- SINGLE. "Phew! It is so hot!" he declared. "I'm so tired but I still have another party to go to tonight and tomorrow." I gave him a sympathetic smile and reminded him that he needs to get his beauty sleep. "You are so right, girl!" Taking our own advice, we left the hooking-up to the real singles and called it a night.-Lyssa Oberkreser

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.