So Long, Speaker Sansom

In terms of current political scandals, the one engulfing Florida Speaker of the House Ray Sansom has been pretty dull. He wasn't a batshit insane narcissist with crazy helmet hair talking about how Senate seats were "fucking valuable" things. He didn't conspire with the opposition party to install himself as speaker only to get accused of sexual harassment. There was nobody named Beau Breedlove involved. He didn't even call an alt-weekly a penis-pump ad rag only worthy of wrapping fish.

What he did do was take a $110,000-a-year job at Northwest Florida State College after funneling millions of dollars to the school as a legislator. Amid the scandal, he kept a relatively low profile, which hindered his influence and work as Speaker. Calls for him to resign, even some coming from with in his own party, persisted and it looks like he might do just that -- maybe as early as today. Rep. Larry Cretul of Ocala would take over temporarily. If ongoing investigations clear Sansom, he may return. If not, a replacement would be elected.

Update: It's official. He's stepping aside while the situation is investigated.

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