So a Dog, a Baby, and Frank Sinatra Jr. Walk into a Club

The B-plot on last night's Family Guy dealt with one of Miami's most important industries -- the very fertile comedy grounds of douchy nightclubs. Some nightclub owner and promoter types are easy to laugh at without anyone having to point it out, but Family Guy takes a whack at it anyway. Stewie opens up a hot club called pLace with Bryan and Frank Sinatra Jr. Then wackiness ensues, as it tends to do on cartoon programs. Anyone with an affinity for hoodies, tight wool knit caps, biased door policies (sorry, no gazelles aloud), girls with strange geographic names, fauxhawks, and apple-tinis would probably be offended if they had any self-awareness, which they do not. So the anti-douchebags can laugh at the douchebag jokes, and the douchebags can laugh at all the fart jokes. The episode is embedded after the cut, or visit Hulu.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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