SNL Imagines Jeb Bush at Coachella

Pundits, Republican insiders, and pollsters all seem to think former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is planning on making a presidential run in 2016, but you're not a real presidential contender until you're properly parodied on Saturday Night Live. Well, on Saturday the show brought out new cast member Beck Bennett to parody Jeb Bush and his status as the "new face" of the Republican Party.

"Bush" along with "Paul Ryan" came out in a sketch in which the Republican's new guard makes a surprise appearance at the Coachella music festival to sell themselves to younger voters.

"Just to recap we're part of a whole new GOP," said the Bush character. "When you think of the old GOP you probably think of George W. Bush."

"Talk about a basic bitch," said "Ryan."

"I agree, and I'm his brother," replied Bush.

The basic joke being how odd it is the former's presidents brother is now considered one of the "new faces" of the Republican Party.

Of course, if Bush actually does run, and he's said he'll probably decided by about this time next year, SNL might want to find a few more ways to make fun of it.

In the meantime, if SNL wants to continue trolling Florida politics for jokes, they might want to check in on the Charlie Crist vs Rick Scott race. Now, that's hilarious.

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Kyle Munzenrieder