Smarte Carte Severs Woman's Finger at Miami International Airport, Lawsuit Claims

A Miami woman is suing airport luggage cart company Smarte Carte after a bizarre and bloody accident at Miami International Airport. It was the day before Thanksgiving of 2009. Fidelina Cordero was traveling to see family when she spotted a Smarte Carte kiosk promising to "maximize the experience of travelers with a luggage cart service that makes travel safer and easier."

Instead, Cordero says she ended up with a permanently minimized finger.

According to a lawsuit filed June 15, Cordero was "using a Smarte Carte when the cart tipped over for unknown reasons, causing her to amputate the tip of her right index finger."

The suit claims the cart was "defective" when Cordero rented it and was in "an unreasonably dangerous condition to the user."

It also argues the Smarte Carte was "devoid by design of any stabilization device which would prevent it from tipping over while being operated for its intended use," had "inadequate and improperly placed warnings," and featured "improper instructions on how to place the luggage on the cart."

Finally, Cordero is also suing for negligence on the part of Smarte Carte, claiming the company "should have known that said luggage cart would tip over when operated on irregular surfaces."

Cordero's attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and neither did Smarte Carte, which has yet to file a response to the suit.

(H/T to Courthouse News Service.)

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