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These letters rolled into our Letters to the Editor Section last week. Watch the writer tacke a swing -- and the commissioner duck:

From reader Ernie Sandoval to Miami Commisisoner Marc Sarnoff:

"Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, whose district includes Jade and who campaigned to limit high-rise condo development to the downtown area, said he sees a silver lining in the dark foreclosure clouds. "This will bring the cost of buying a condominium down in South Florida, which in and of itself is probably not a bad thing as the market needs to correct itself. That is what free enterprise does . self-corrects," he said. "There is an abundance of supply, and there is not enough demand." Through May 4, South Florida had 13,235 foreclosure filings that added up to almost $3 billion in loans." - Daily Business Review

Now, here is Miami leadership at its finest. A good portion of the cause of the problem, the public servants who allowed this greed-inspired fiasco, rationalizing the problem as a potential windfall. Isn't that know as "DBS" in political terms - "dazzle 'em with the double bullsh#*^ entendre" ? Don't you politicians ever get tired of spewing self-aggrandizing rhetoric? Do you really believe that ALL of us are gullible enough to realize it's lead your selling and not silver? Self correcting market? No, sir it's YOUR job to PREVENT these irrepressible and eventual financial morasses.

That's what commissioners are supposed to do - protect the public's interests by thinking and planning and NOT charging it to the taxpayers. You and your Faust buddies have pretty much screwed thousands of hard-working taxpayers by selling out to these developers. Typically we are left to clean up the mess (aside from the long-reaching future ramifications, choking traffic congestion, unavoidable construction dirt and dust as well as the 24/7 noise), you so callously helped create and now claim no responsibility for.

As we watch this collective of insatiably greedy fools spiral down the swirling vortex of the toilet bowl, along with their turd-in-the-punch-bowl cronies, we thank you for the satisfaction of our prediction that Miami will decline, long before the last condo building is finished. Not to worry -there is still a banquet at the trough of public funds for all the Miami political leaders. If you look closely, amidst the grunting, positioning, snorting, and loud cacophony of our political pigs feeding frenetically, you will see nary a single politician with a modicum of ethics or morals. It's nice to see that you wear your badge of disgrace with honor. Thanks for allowing developers and others the opportunity to destroy a once content real estate economy. The only magic you've created in Miami is the disappearing equity thousands have worked hard to gain. Nice going.

Ernie Sandoval


Responds Marc Sarnoff:

Dear Mr. Sandoval:

You must have me mixed up with someone who has voted for all of these high rises. I have been on the Commission 6 months and am not a part of the

problem for which you speak. Everyone has the right to free speech not the right to their own facts.

The market will self correct because that is what free markets do. I am sure you know your macro economics from College. While I understand yourbitterness, it is misdirected to this Commissioner who has not been a part of the problem (for which you speak) since 2002.

Marc Sarnoff

Miami Commissioner

District 2

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.