Silicon Beach: Social Media Club, September Edition

This month's Social Media Club South Florida, which usually takes place on second Tuesdays, was postponed to Wednesday. There was no particular agenda, but even without the usual, informative lectures and panel discussions, informal tech talk abounded.

Two-for-one cocktails at Off the Hookah in Fort Lauderdale made for a cozy atmosphere to discuss the differences between web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, CSS, mobile phone gaming platforms, automotive industry social media campaigns, and the pros and cons of protected Twitter accounts.

Remember last week's post about September tweetups? In the true spirit of social media, a group of six headed back to Himmarshee around the corner for a scrumptious dinner -- proof that social media is a great marketing tool for business, especially ones that revolve around social objects like food and drink. The $29 three-course deal didn't hurt either. The local Twitter stream went bonkers over a "bacongasm" picture tweeted by yours truly, which got 57 views in less than an hour.

Visit Social Media Club of South Florida (@smcsf) for more information about upcoming events.  If you're on Facebook, join the group.

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