Silicon Beach: Miami New Times Tweetup at Waxy O'Connor's
Photo by Anthony Jordon

Silicon Beach: Miami New Times Tweetup at Waxy O'Connor's

No holiday would be complete without free booze, and as always, Miami New Times didn't disappoint. The tweetup was held at Waxy O'Connor's by the river, coinciding with another Miami Music Festival gig.

The Scenestress (@newtimesstreet) arrived to hand out name tags, but not many @ signs were visible. Present were a handful of New Times staffers, one of whom shared a delightful conversation about Caribbean travel and food with yours truly.

The Life Is Art (@soulofmiami) crew also showed up to support the event and enjoy some cocktails.

Random geek sightings at social tweetups are always a treat. One

unexpected visitor -- quite the surprise for Silicon Beach -- was über-geek Boris Mann (@bmann), hailing all the way from Vancouver and sporting the word Drupal on his name tag. Mann is managing director of Bootup Labs, a start-up accelerator and seed fund in British Columbia.

Mann hung out with local geek William Moynihan, president and CEO of Taweet, a social calendar and event promotion application for Twitter, which is currently in beta.  

Mark your calendar for the new year: The next Miami New Times tweetup is scheduled for January 22. Details TBA.

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