Side-scrolling Sonic (Sort Of)

By now, you gaming faithful have already watched the Sonic Unleashed leaked video on Youtube (like most of us, you guys are probably also salivating at the idea). Here it is for you folk that haven't seen it.

I hate to sound like those old folk that always say thing were better in their day, but damn it things were. I'm not knocking the new style of games or the advances in gaming, but there are something that are just fun on their own without any gimmicks, yet game companies don't seem to get it.

Sonic is the prime example of how a game company's tinkering with a classic can lead to the absolute humiliation of a beloved game mascot/character. The little blue speed machine used to be neck and neck with Mario in popularity. It was all because the Sonic games had what the Mario games had (if Mario had smoked a lot of crack). They were straight to the point. Yeah, the story was crappy (how may times were Sonic and crew going to let Robotnick steal the damn gems before they got some security), but I doubt anyone played these games for the story. But with new consoles came new areas to explore with the beloved game mascots.

Sega rather than leave a lot of the speed and just add things to it, slowed Sonic down and gave him some pretty crappy controls. This was the beginning off the end for Sonic.

After taking a beating in the console market (I blame the marketing because I still say the Dreamcast had the opportunity to become a great system), Sega continued to add nonsensical story and looser controls to the Sonic games. By the end, the blue hedgehog was a mere joke.

With the advent of this new video, we see a return to basics with a few tweaks. It worked for the Megaman X series, and I hope it works for Sonic. Yes, this can all be a hoax or Sega can mess this up somehow, but here's hoping that this is the real deal. -- Elvis Ramirez

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