Shut up, New Orleans. Hurricane Miami Knows the Future.

Today is the third anniversary of the day Katrina struck New Orleans. That's in the news, news,, news.

And Gustav is headed in the city's general direction.

Well, all Riptide has to say is: "Shut up!

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I mean, Miami has been ravaged by Andrew and whacked by Wilma. We know what major hurricanes are -- and we know that they are virtually never what they are claimed to be....We in South Florida are at the end of hurricane alley. Hey, we're a kind of defense for those wimps in New Orleans. The hurricanes that hit them are kinda like bowling balls with A LOT OF SPIN. Ours are the dead-on type.

So hey. I have my eye on Hanna, which is lurking out there in the Atlantic. And I have water at home. But I also have an eye on this NOAA article, which says hurricanes are growing less frequent.

I'm relaxed, and I wish all those Bayou types and reporters would join me.

-- Chuck Strouse

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