Shooting Threats Rattle University of Miami and Florida International University

Update 4:20: FIU police say they looked into the sweeping social media rumors and have found "no verifiable threat" to the campus.  

Students at Florida International University's Modesto A. Maidique Campus are on high alert after reports of threats made against the school swept through social media. Although school officials have not verified the threats, they've alerted students to be cautious. 

Meanwhile, a student at the University of Miami reportedly threatened to shoot up a class in the School of Communication. Details on the situation at UM are still vague, but police say everything is "safe." The incident was first reported on the Twitter account of the school's student newspaper the Miami Hurricane

At FIU, the threats were first reported on the Facebook page of the school's Muslim Students Association. 

"A couple of our trusted members have received text messages warning students to not go to GC because FIU will be on the news," the post stated. "We don't know if the threat is real or not, but with everything going on around the nation we decided it is better to be safe than sorry and advise all of our members to get off campus as quickly as possible."

Students then spread the news on Twitter.  While many other students were confused.  About an hour after the rumors began, FIU released a statement. 

"The Florida International University (FIU) Police Department (FIUPD) has received reports of comments indicating that FIU would 'be on the news tonight,''" the statement read. "As of this time, the individual who made the comment or the intent of the comment, have not been confirmed. There is no verifiable or actionable threat. However, FIUPD is working diligently to make sure that our community remains safe. 

"FIU mourns the victims of the recent events that have occurred both at home and abroad. FIU understands the state of heightened sensitivity and alarm that some may feel and how a vague comment can lead to discomfort and concern." 

The school also encouraged students to continue reporting "any comments or activity that makes you feel uncomfortable or alarmed."
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Kyle Munzenrieder