The Pliner family: Put some shoes on!

Shoes for Charity

This weekend, pricey footwear purveyor Donald J Pliner will be making a special appearance at his Coral Gables boutique. No, not to shove your foot into a pair of his crocodile pumps; for charity. On Saturday from noon to 5:00 p.m. Pliner, his wife Lisa, daughter Starr and adorable pup BabyDoll will be on hand to launch their latest project, the Peace for the Children Foundation. According to reps, the foundation will focus on getting monies to projects that bring peace, care and welfare to children in need. And it wouldn’t be fabulous if there wasn’t some fashion involved. Pliner’s Fall 2000 collection is chock full of shoes, handbags and accessories adorned with the foundation’s symbol. While Donald’s in the store, 20 percent of the sales go directly to the kids. Which makes me wonder, would he would pull a double-shift to save the world? The store is located at 320 Avenue San Lorenzo in The Village of Merrick Park. --Raina McLeod

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