Shocking News Break: Brian Gaine Quits Cowboys

As reported here on Tuesday, Bill Parcells was trying to get Dallas Cowboys assistant director of pro scouting Brian Gaine to come join the other Dallas Cowboys here in Miami. It was even okayed by Jerry Jones. The NFL, not so much. Mainly because of some rule saying you can't go to another team to take the same position you already have with your current team. But Parcells found a way around it. Thaaaat's right.

Brian Gaine quit his job with the Cowboys Tuesday.

However, the NFL has ruled that Gaine cannot join the Dolphins for seven days, but he is free to talk to other teams during that time.

So basically, Gaine just quit his job in Dallas to go on a seven day vacation before he heads to Miami for his new job. That's a whole week's worth of crap Gaine can do. Kayak, go to the beach, sketch a still life, read a James Patterson novel, go watch a movie, visit a museum, do some origami, take flying lessons. He's pretty much free to do just about anything before he gets back to work here as director of pro scouting for the Dolphins.

One thing he should not do: dip his balls into a soft serve ice cream machine. Apparently, ice cream shop owners frown upon that kind of thing. But, hey man, it was a hot day, and I needed some relief. Lighten up ice cream shop owner! Jesus! -- Chris Joseph

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