Shock Nightclub's Julien Manival Sending Threatening Texts to Artist Over Pay Dispute

Last week, Riptide reported the dirty details of how Shock nightclub founder Julien Manival fled to France without settling his debts. Among those he stiffed was local artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr.

Since our article came out, Vaca has received a series of threatening texts from Manival.

Let's just say: these are no bon mots.

According to a contract the two men signed on October 11, Vaca was hired to paint three canvases and a large mural for $10,800 at the Washington Avenue club. But Manival requested additions to the art and the total cost rose to $20,000, Vaca says.

After an initial $2,000 deposit, however, Manival only wrote one more check -- for $2,622 -- and it bounced.

When contacted in France, Manival told Riptide that he paid Vaca $3,000. He said he considered the matter settled since Vaca finished the painting late -- a claim Vaca denies.

Starting at 3:32 am the morning after our article broke, Manival began sending a series of threatening texts and Facebook messages to Vaca. In the messages, Manival says he will pay Vaca the remaining $8,800 from the original contract on February 28, but only if the painter shuts up about the club fiasco. Here are excerpts from the back-and-forth.

Julien Manival: call me as soon as u re wake up

Manival: Victor really call me now !!!!!

Victor-hugo Vaca Jr.:

News travels fast Julien, I can not control that but you can control setting things straight by honoring your contract with me, so that when I am asked I can speak the truth, which at this point is that you have failed to pay me what you owe as per our signed contract with your signature on it...


If i know u continue open ur big moth after we have a deal i pray for u my friend !!!!


victor again and again u put thinks on ur wall.

I think we talked together and u agree to wait until 28 of february and stop this action ?? u can 't honor ur word u too ???

u don 't have nothing to do in ur life victor !! u need to do publicity through this kind of story ?? u don 't have nothing to speak about ur art ???? when u broke somebody victor he has nothing to loose.... i m not threathing u but really we talked together and u agree to wait i don 't understand where u want to go ??? now everybody read this article !!! what do u want from me ?? where do you want to go ???


Continue victor or u re too stupid for understand or it s'the only way for people talk about u !!! Whatever i don t call u back until 28 i have a lot of work if u don t .... 28 if u stop u have 8800 doll if not i pay the check trhougt my attorney and we start a new game with the contract and my answer and the whole payment for nick and we go to the court !!! I m tired u fight on me and about this story !!! I want just u take ur payment and we forget each other !!! Bye


Get a life & stop making enemies by exploiting starving artists.


Ok picasso now i explained to u just u wait u stop and u have the amount i think even for u it s'simple victor !!! Call u back 28 !!! Thanks


really u continue ??? but victor u are crazy ??? why ur not stopping ??? i ll deposit a complaint throught my attorney for harassing it 's too much now !!! u re fucking crazy !!!! poor guy !!


28 i pay u and i dont want to see u and ur bitch (assistant) again but close ur mouth or i promess to u u will have some problems really

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