Shaquille "Cops Make me Squeal" O'Neal

This morning's story about Shaq's most recent "police work" led me to stop and reflect.

I remember, shortly after 9-11, when Shaq volunteered to help run baggage checks at LAX with TSA. Since then, things appear to have gotten slightly out of hand. . Sure, this story is pretty innocuous. What the Herald calls "police work" here is arguably a seven foot tall man with an armed body guard chasing someone down who hit his Escalade.

But check out the stuff at the end of the story.

Can you imagine being the Virginia man, eating a bowl of noodle salad one night when, all of a sudden, Shaq bursts into your home with gun, convinced you're hoarding kiddy porn?

Call me crazy, but I'm not so sure it's a good idea to mix celebrity and authority.

Calvin Godfrey

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