Shaq's Wire-Wearing Mistress and the Extortion Claim

Extortion, espionage, mistresses, and Delonte West's penis.

Just how crazy is Shaquille O'Neal's personal life?

Last February, local prosecutors met with Vanessa Lopez, a woman claiming to be O'Neal's former mistress, about an alleged extortion plot, according to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigative report obtained by Riptide. Authorities arranged for her to wear a wire, Mafia-style, in order to draw out evidence of the scheme.

At the time, Shaq was staring down a tandem of enemies. He was facing litigation from Orlando model Lopez, who claimed he stalked and harassed her after they broke up.

And his former computer consultant, Shawn Darling -- who has since filed a wild lawsuit in local court claiming the basketball superstar tried to frame him for child pornography -- was sitting on a stash of thousands of O'Neal's personal emails.

Worse yet, they were working together. A lawyer representing both Darling and Lopez had sent O'Neal's lawyers a letter demanding $16 million to settle both cases, conceivably keeping the emails private.

O'Neal's lawyers filed a criminal complaint with the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. They called it an extortion plot, with Darling as the ring leader.

So two assistant state attorneys met with Lopez at their office, where she agreed to be rigged for sound.

No charges were ever filed. The sting never went down. The prosecutors found holes in Lopez's credibility. Specifically, the model -- whom Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin once accused of stealing his credit card information, and who filed a stalking complaint against then-Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick -- hadn't divulged a sexual relationship with another NBA player: Boston Celtics guard Delonte West.

Yep, the guy who reputedly boofed LeBron's mom, Gloria James. The man's penis needs to write a book.

Fans of Riptide know we've been publishing some of the more salacious of the 30 or so of O'Neal's emails that were filed in Darling's lawsuit. And apparently the Big Berlusconi did what's called "dry snitching" on Dwyane Wade when he made an offhand comment about his former teammate's alleged mistresses.

Well, dammit, he did it to poor #3 again. The FDLE report claims Lopez "denied any relationship with Dwayne [sic] Wade a professional basketball player mentioned by Mr. O'Neal in his texts to Ms. Lopez and as having a relationship."

Which means Shaq was once again texting about Wade's romantic interminglings. Can somebody just tape this guy's sausage-size thumbs down?

So what's so explosive about the content of Shaq's emails? The prosecutors asked Vanessa Lopez, who claimed to have looked through them, the same question.

We quote:

She stated the following based on what she has alleged she saw; Mr. O'Neal's brother having been caught with a transvestite, how he (Mr. O'Neal) was abused (unknown what type of abuse) by his stepfather until the age of fourteen (14), how Mr. O'Neal's father smoked one million dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) [sic] worth of crack cocaine as well as discussions (emails) between Mr. O'Neal and his ex-wife ShaunieO'Neal regarding their visits to the therapist (marriage counselor) and what had happened.

Again, we remind you of this woman's credibility problems. We couldn't verify any arrests or accusations against O'Neal's brother or his stepfather. We don't even know how one would quantify $1 million worth of crack. That would be a lot of five-dollar bills. But... wow.

We sent a copy of the report to O'Neal's representative, Glenn Bunting. He did not respond.

We've embedded the report below.

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