Shaq and Shaunie Spray for a Good Cause

Shaquille O’Neal’s penchant for the law has reared its weird head once again. This time, Shaq and his wife Shaunie have put their names on a diamond-encrusted pepper spray canister. The auction is being organized by pepperface.com, an online boutique pepper spray distributor that is promoting the O’Neals' entry as part of a celebrity auction designed to raise money for the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Pepperface.com’s regular inventory includes canisters ranging from between $35 and $295. Though Shaq and Shaunie’s flashy container has only been on the auction block for a couple of days, it has only netted a $46 bid as of this writing.

It’s for a good cause, I guess. But isn’t there something just weird about philanthropy that involves selling a diamond-encrusted weapon with a dude’s jersey number on it? Couldn’t Shaq just give them like, ten thousand dollars or something? Still, it’s not as weird as last year’s Ethan Suplee pepper spray container -- just scroll down the auction list and check out the mug on that scientologist/obscure actor. --Calvin Godfrey

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