Shalala, Obama. Obama, Shalala.

Last night, a friend and fellow UM grad and I were talking about the sudden opening for Health & Human Service Secretary, and she said, "Obama should appoint Shalala." To which I said, "I was hoping someone on the internet would say it, so I can blog about it." She replied, "I will say it on my twitter then you can blog." Donna Shalala, of courses, served as HHS Sec for eight years in the Clinton administration before becoming president of Universtiy of Miami.

No need, as apparently the Miami Herald apparently has the scoop that her name is being thrown about in Washington. It's an article low on details though, and I don't see her name being mentioned anywhere else, unless you count this impassioned blog post. So hey, Shalala does have some grass roots support in addition to my friend's twitter. Of course, she'll never be able to out-grass roots the father of modern grass roots Howard Dean. Plus his name is being mentioned in sources other than the Herald. 

Oh, and this is golden. The second comment on the Herald's story: "If

she goes, let's find a UM President that wants a football stadium!!!!!"

Because the most important thing to discuss when talking about possible

appointments to HHS is not what kind of Health Care reform would go

down, but that the Canes get a Stadium.

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