Sex Offenders Under Bridge Get Website

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder . . . the sex offenders living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway now have a website.

The site, www.causewaycolony.com, is still pretty spare: besides a logo featuring the silhouettes of an elevated train, a bus, and a police car (it looks like it was taken from some city’s transit authority), the site so far consists only of a call for donations and links to two articles by this reporter.

According to a note at the bottom, the site' copyright belongs to MyFelon.com, an online social networking website for released felons. It’s motto: “Starting Over Starts Here.”

Meanwhile, in the three weeks since New Times reported that over thirty men had been sent by the state to live under the bridge at least three new men have moved in, bringing the total number of bridge-dwellers to somewhere in the lower-to-mid twenties. These three new residents moved in the span of a week.

Response so far from city and county commissioners, state policy makers, law enforcement officials, judicial officers, or anyone else in a position to do something about the situation: zip.

-- Isaiah Thompson

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