Sex Offenders Might Be Banned From Dressing as Santa or Clowns in Florida

With the saga of sex offenders living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway finally coming to something of an end, a new state law seeks to dictate not where registered sex offenders live, but rather how they dress. The Sun-Sentinel reports that criminals convicted of sex crimes involving children would be banned from dressing as Santa Claus, clowns, the Easter Bunny, and other costumes that appeal to children unless a judge cleared the outfit beforehand. They would also be prohibited from handing out Halloween candy.

We assume the law would also, in its vague language, ban pedophiles from dressing as Justin Bieber, Dora the Explorer, or this cuddly teddy bear (NSFW-ish). But we're not sure if they'd have to get clearance to dress as a Catholic priest, Boy Scout leader, swim coach, or Roman Polanski.

The bill has already passed the House and is headed through another committee before it reaches the Senate floor.

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