See Ya, Bobcats: Heat Sweeps Round One

Four down, a dozen to go. How sweep it is.

The Miami Heat put down the Charlotte Bobcats Monday night 109-98, ending not only the Cats' season but also their identity, because the team switches back to the Charlotte Hornets next season. The Heat completed the series, season, and life sweep of the Bobcats during the Big Three era 17-0.

Cool story. Good luck with that rebuilding and renaming, Charlotte. Now kindly take your remodeling elsewhere while the Miami Heat sweeps up the rest of your crap and prepares for new guests.

Now we wait, as the Heat gets at least the next five days off waiting for the winner of the Raptors-Nets series. The Heat's sweep of the Bobcats might not seem like a big deal, and it wasn't unexpected, but in these playoffs, where shit is hitting the fan at every turn, you have to be happy with the Heat's business-like dispatching of the Bobcats.

Besides the obvious best-case result, the Heat comes out of the first round completely healthy, something that has been the team's biggest concern all season. Regardless of whom Miami plays, that team will get the Heat's best shot. While the rest of the NBA is fighting and scratching through what might be the craziest first round of the NBA playoffs ever, the Heat players now put their feet up on the couch and watch the others battle it out. So far, so good.

Who's got next?

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