Security Meltdown at Barry University

Something’s up at Barry University. The department in charge of keeping students at the Catholic Miami Shores college from getting raped, mugged, and robbed crumbled this past month. And so far, media hasn’t noticed.

Public Safety Executive Director Stanley Young -- and two other top officials who oversee security force of 72 -- quietly resigned the week of Sept. 8, after a month-long investigation. According to four present and former Barry University security cops, this is why: Higher-ups tried to cover up a deviant guard’s weakness for stealing ladies panties and sniffing them.

(School Spokesperson Michael Laderman could confirm resignation dates, but not a reason for them.)

On a palm tree-lined campus -- so green and serene it could almost pass for a golf course-- female students are creeped out, whistleblowers are losing jobs, and officers are pissed.

Says Lindel Thomas, a former Barry field supervisor and lieutenant, who was terminated after exposing the mess: “They singled me out and swept this under the rug. I was fired in retaliation.”

There’s much more to the story and we’ll keep you updated.

--Natalie O'Neill

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