Section of the Ceiling at the Fontainebleau Hotel Collapses

We aren't entirely sure what has happened, but Twitter updates from Cocaine Cowboys producer Alfred Spellman indicate that a piece ceiling in the Fontainebleau's lobby, near the entrance to LIV, has caved in. The area has been roped off and sandbagged presumably in order to prevent water from rushing into the downstairs Blade restaurant. The damage to the hotel comes as a surprise, considering it just underwent a $1 billion makeover.

If you are currently staying at the hotel, Spellman writes, "Complimentary dinner buffet at Fontainebleau tonite in the ballroom." Let's hope Gotham Steak is serving.

UPDATE: According to Spellman, Blade is underwater. So much for the sandbags.

UPDATE X2: First a side note: How was reporting done before Twitter? Anyway, Fontainebleau's front desk tells Spellman there were in fact multiple ceiling collapses throughout the hotel. In addition, Blade is "totaled" and LIV will be closed for "a while."

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