Seantrel Henderson: Could USC's Sanctions Be Miami's Surprise Recruiting Gain?

Well, well, well USC, who's the big private college in a major city whose top tier football team has been struck with sanctions and put on probation now? Yeah, Hurricanes fans know what that's like (though, we didn't have to vacate any wins or, possibly,a national championship, sucks for you), and we can empathize a little bit. Doesn't mean that we're not a little bit giddy at the idea, however faint it is at the moment, of your loss being our big recruiting gain. 

Back on signing day the Canes were in the running to land highly-rated offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson. Hell, there were even some wrong reports during that day that we had. Eventually he ended up verbally committing to USC. Now reportedly he's second guessing his decision as the team faces strict sanctions. Is it still a possibility he could be suiting up in orange and green after all? 

Henderson did not show up on campus for orientation last week, and according to his hometown paper, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, this caused USC coach Lane Kiffin and some of his staff to jump on a plan to the Twin Cities to see where Henderson's head was at. 

Henderson himself has refused to comment on the situation, and even his dad isn't talking to the press to confirm whether or not he'll be putting a "USC Dad" bumper sticker on his car. 

This doesn't mean, of course, that Henderson won't be heading to USC. It certainly doesn't mean that even if goes else where he'll be headed to Coral Gables, but the rumors in this saga have always speculated that he'd fall back on either Miami or Ohio State. 

It wouldn't be the first time this year that Miami snagged a star player it originally lost out on during signing day. Five-star defensive back Latwan Anderson originally committed to West Virginia, but later switched his allegiances to Miami. Anderson had also received some attention from USC. 

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