Sean Cronin, Federal Prosecutor, Will Not Be Charged With Indecent Exposure After Pool Incident

Sean Cronin, a 36-year-old federal prosecutor who was arrested last month for a neither regions-exposing wardrobe malfunction while taking a dip in the pool in only his boxers at a local bar, will not be charged with indecent exposure. The State Attorney's Office believes there's insufficient evidence to prove he purposefully acted in a lewd manner. So good news guys, if your wang accidentally makes a public appearance it's not a crime!

Cronin was arrested September 26 after an incident at Finnegan's on the River. The Patriots fan was watching his team and drinking beers when he decided to strip off his T-shirt and cargo pants and go for a swim in just his boxers.

When he got out of the pool a mother and her young daughter complained that Cronin had exposed himself, or as the arrest report put it, "When the defendant came out of the pool his penis was exposed and it appeared to be erect."

The State will not pursuit the chargers due to lack of evidence according to The Herald. Cronin will also not be charged for resisting arrest.

When police tried to detain him he ran across the street into a nearby field.

Though, the Attorney's Office has determined, "However, because the officer never told [Cronin] to stop, there is insufficient evidence to prove that at the time [he] fled, he was aware of the officer's intention to detain him."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.