Scuba Diver Sucked Into Pipes at Nuclear Power Plant, Goes for Five-Minute Wild Ride

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week, and we're here to bring you the oddest. This week: A man gets the ride of a lifetime after being sucked into power plant pipes, a disbarred lawyer confused strippers with prostitutes, and an unfortunate back-stretching incident occurs.
Diver Sucked Into Power Plant Tubes
Apparently the wildest ride in Florida isn't at Disney World. 

Christopher Le Cun and a friend were boating near Hutchinson Island in Port St. Lucie when they put on their scuba gear to check out what looked like three large buildings submerged underwater. 

They weren't buildings. They were intake pipes that help cool the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant. Le Cun claims he was suddenly sucked into one of the pipes and taken on a torturous five-minute ride through the innards of the cooling system. He thought he would meet a turbine and be chopped to bits, but was spit out into a retention pond. 

We're pretty sure we've seen at least five '80s and '90s action movies with this scenario.

Le Cun is now suing Florida Power & Light, which operates the plant, for failing to post a sign. FPL says that not only are signs posted, but also that to get sucked into the pipes, Le Cun would have had to swim past equipment meant to keep living things out of the pipe.  

The kicker: In 1989, the same thing happened to another diver at the same plant.

Disbarred Attorney Tries to Have Stripper Arrested After She Refused to Perform Sex Acts 
Is it any wonder that 62-year-old John L. Ciardi was banned from practicing law in Utah? The man apparently doesn't know the difference between a stripper and a prostitute, and he apparently doesn't know that prostitution is illegal. 

Last week, Ciardi was visiting the Living Dolls adult club in Key West when he hired a stripper for a private dance in a bac kroom. He paid the woman $300 for what the Florida Keys Keynoter describes as "services," but when she refused to do what he wanted or to return his money, Ciardi became infuriated. 

He demanded that the manager, Marisa Hernandez, issue a refund, but she refused as well. The former lawyer threatened physical harm and destruction of club property. 

Police were called, but when they arrived, Ciardi tried to make a "citizen's arrest" of the stripper. The cops prevented him, though. Ciardi, after claiming several times he was a retired prosecutor, eventually stormed off in a huff.
Man Stretching on Balcony Falls 11 Stories Into Pool 
Balcony railings are safety equipment, not chiropractic equipment. 

Last Tuesday, a 38-year-old man visiting from Indiana decided to use a balcony railing at the Ocean Reef Condo building in Panama City Beach to stretch his back, but he got more than he bargained for. He lost his footing and ended up plunging from the 11th-story balcony

Thankfully, there was a pool beneath him to break his fall. Unfortunately, the pool's depth was only four feet. It was enough to save his life but not enough to prevent a trip to the hospital. The man, however, was able to pull himself out of the pool. Alcohol is not expected to have been involved. 

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