Schlitterbahn Waterpark Might Come to Fort Lauderdale, Finally Giving Us a Reason to Visit Broward

If you've ever found yourself mindlessly watching one of those Travel Channel top ten shows about water parks, you don't have to speak German to know what Schlitterbahn is. Among the park's four locations in Texas and Kentucky, at least one of their extreme liquid dream rides always makes the list and makes Florida's Disney-fied water parks look like kiddie pools.

No offense to West Palm's Rapids or Miami's Britto-infested Grapeland, but it's about time South Florida got a top-tier water park, and the City of Fort Lauderdale and the Schlitterbahn chain are working on doing just that.

According to CBS4, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission has endorsed a plan for Schlitterbahn to build a $110 million park and resort on land near Lockhart Stadium. The plan would include a treehouse-style resort, a lazy river, numerous thrill slides, and even attractions built around the exterior of the stadium. Maybe it's just the extremely hot weather talking, but we can't wait to actually have a reason to visit Broward.

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