Scarface Chainsaw Scene Location On Market For $9 Million

Tony Montana was one bad dude. But he's no match for gentrification.

728 Ocean Drive in South Beach was once a location seedy enough that Colombian gangsters dismembering a dude with a chainsaw didn't seem like much of a stretch. Today, the building that hosted one of Scarface's most notorious scenes is on the market. Asking price: $8.95 million.

The 10,000-square-foot commercial use building now has-- sigh-- a Johnny Rockets on the ground floor. It's been owned since 1989 by Patrick and Irene Marie, who ran a modeling agency on the spot where Manny and Chi-Chi capped some Colombians just before they could turn Tony into dog food like they did Angel. Realtor Pablo Alfaro says tourists used to constantly show up at the agency to check out the location.

Like most real estate asking prices, this one seems a bit optimistic. The county recently appraised it as being worth $3.7 million.

Copyright claims have scoured the internet of the scene, but if you live in Miami you should already have it emblazoned into your memory. Here's a clip of some fanboys exploring the location:

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