Scarborough Vs Limbaugh: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Rush Limbaugh, as you know, has been busy running the Republican party from his West Palm Beach radio studio. Too bad he can't seem to even get the support of another prominent, conservative talking head from the Sunshine state.

If anyone didn't believe Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough's denial that he was planning on running for Florida's open senate seat, than his recent attacks on both the Republican's official leader, party chairman Michael Steele, and spiritual Godfather, Limbaugh, should confirm it. In fact, after his words we'd doubt the former Republican congressman and current MSNBC host would ever run for public office with much support from the GOP again.

Earlier this week Steele inadvertently added flame to the political meme that Limbaugh is the only true leader of the Republican party when he stuck his tail between his legs and apologized to the radio jock for dismissing him as an "entertainer," on CNN. 

Today, the conservative Scarborough dissed both Steele and Limbaugh

with a fiery irreverence that not even fellow MSNBCers like Keith

Olberman and Rachel Maddow could match.

Huffington Post has the video.

In other Rush-related news:

The liberals over at Talking Points Memo suggesting that Crist should be the Republican who stands up to Limbaugh.

And, because three is the magic number lets add one more vaguely

Florida-connected voice to the mix. If only there was some one who

emitted a steady stream of his every thought that was freely available

on the internet. Oh, wait. There's Rick Sanchez's twitter: " limbaugh reaching soprano like status. they fear him! wow. what a story."

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