Saturday Night Live Alum Victoria Jackson: Barack Obama is the New Fidel Castro

Jay Leno and other celebrities were at the White House this weekend for the correspondents' dinner, aka nerdprom. This is the event where the president and the press chummy it up and poke fun of each other for a couple of hours. Obama killed. Leno didn't.

That's where the White House went wrong, in choosing the hamburglar of late night as its roast master. They should have invited another nutty z-list comic to do the honors: our own Victoria Jackson.

The Miami-native comic has enough primo Obama material to last ten correspondents' dinners. She has been trying out a new routine at tea rallies all over the country. Have you heard her latest?

Last week, she came up with this zinger: Obama is the new Fidel Castro.

In Andrew Breitbart's conservative blog Big Hollywood, Jackson writes that she knows her commies from her socialists because she grew up in Miami. "When I was 15, I dated a boy named Angel Otero. I asked him where his father was. He said, 'He's in a jail in Cuba.' I said, 'Why?' He said, 'Because he resisted Communism.'" Rimshot!

Jackson has been blogging at Breitbart's for a year. She talks a pretty good crazy. In March, she endorsed loudmouth dirigible Rush Limbaugh for president.

The Castro comparison is even a demotion for Obama, whom Jackson had described as the new Hitler in July.

In her latest post, she concludes Obama must be the new Castro after speaking with a "handsome, older gentleman with a thick Cuban accent." The exile told her that his family had originally supported the Castro movement with all its talk of change and supporting the people, but then realized he was a diabolical dictator hell-bent on taking over healthcare. This sounds all too familiar for the chubby SNL alum.

"All around me I can feel my Freedom disappearing, and there are still people who are not paying attention. The Cubans are paying attention," she writes. If things stay the way they are, "maybe us Americans will be the ones risking our lives on rafts to get to Cuba for freedom."

Classic. A Calle Ocho set couldn't possibly be too far off. Below, Jackson performing her hot new ukelele single "There's a Communist in the White House" at a D.C. tea party rally.

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