Sarasota's Tackiest Landmark Slammed Into By 62-Year-Old Driver

Miami has a ton of public art eyesores, notably a 

plethora of shitty Britto works

that litter the city and the

"Tremenda Mierda Fountain"

in center field at Marlins Park. But few are as tacky as Sarasota's "Unconditional Surrender" statue, a 25-foot aluminum sculpture modeled after Alfred Eisenstaedt's iconic photograph,

V-J Day in Times Square


Last night, a 62-year-old woman did what many had previously dreamed about when she drove her Mercedes-Benz E350 into the foot of "Unconditional Surrender." However, it was apparently an accident, not an act of artistically justified vandalism.

According to the Sarasota's Herald-Tribute, the driver of the car claims she blacked out behind the wheel of her late model Mercedes on the way home from a doctor's office. Evidently, she had a severe allergic to some medication and lost control of her vehicle.

After avoiding a few palm trees, vehicles, and pedestrians, the woman's car came to halt when it smashed into the gaudy monstrosity.

Despite relatively minimal damage "about the size of a microwave oven," city officials thought the sculpture would topple over of if they moved the woman's car.

By morning, the giant World War II sailor and nurse were embracing horizontally on a patch of grass along U.S. 41. Some took umbrage to the mockery piling up in the comments on the Herald-Tribune's story.

"I know there is a controversy over having the statue on the bay front, but you haters are taking this a little too far," Sarasota resident Chuck Manahan commented on Herald-Tribune's Facebook.

Don't worry, Manahan, city officials will do everything they can to have "Unconditional Surrender" back up by August 14, the 67th anniversary of V-J Day. 

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