Sarah Palin Only Knows About "Real America," Which Apparently Doesn't Include "Latin America"

Shocking news from Politico: Sarah Palin was apparently uninformed and failed to come to a simple understanding on issues while running for vice president! In this case it was issues relating to Latin America policy and Hispanics.

A top adviser on Hispanic issues to John McCain's presidential campaign said Sunday that a joint interview with McCain and Sarah Palin planned for Univision last fall had to be canceled because Palin was unprepared to discuss Latin America policy.

"She did not feel comfortable speaking about issues regarding Hispanics and Latin America," GOP consultant Ana Navarro told Univision anchor Jorge Ramos in an interview. "Those are not topics that come up frequently in Alaska. So she asked to cancel the interview and, unfortunately, you were already there."

Navarro, a local, served as national co-chair of John McCain's Hispanic Advisory Council. She's apparently not thrilled with Palin's latest media blitz.

"I am uncomfortable with Sarah Palin. I have nothing against her. I'll say she's a very talented woman. Yet I think she owes John McCain her gratitude and loyalty. Let's be clear: Today she is a rich and famous woman thanks to John McCain, who chose her. I think it's not elegant. But of course, I know melodrama and soap operas sell books, not boring stories."

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Kyle Munzenrieder