Sarah Palin Looking Into Making Florida Senate Race Endorsement

Sarah Palin will be in Florida as part of her Going Rogue book tour next Tuesday (but only the "Real America" parts of Florida, so sadly she won't make it down South), but will she drop off an endorsement in the Senate race while she's here? 

Palin tells National Review Online that she's looking into it. 
She suggests, meanwhile, that there might be encouraging news coming Marco Rubio's way. She says she's had a chance to look at the Crist-Rubio race "just on the surface." But she adds, "I'm just being asked about it really in the last week or two, so I'll dig more into it. I'll find out what the guys are holding in terms of positions and see where maybe I can help."

Marco Rubio has already said he would love to have Palin's endorsement, and earlier in the interview Palin says, "What I love about the Republican party is how we invite -- or at least we should be inviting -- healthy competition in our primaries."

So it seems that a Rubio endorsement is much more likely than a Crist endorsement. 

The Palm Beach Post is speculating that this could be another front on the ongoing McCain/Palin war, as John McCain has already endorsed Charlie Crist. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder