"Sarah Palin is the Antichrist"

Editor's Note: Keith Berger of Boca just dropped us this e-mail. When we called to get his permission to print it, he termed Sarah Palin "the antchrist" and added: "I couldn't believe they treated her like this... We would have stoned her if it were legal."

On October 6, a large number of anti-Palin demonstrators (myself included) gathered in Boca Raton to protest this unqualified candidate and her shameful, atrocious stances on the environment, women's reproductive rights and animal rights. The local newspapers were there and printed stories so right-leaning that my house tilted on its foundation as I read them.

The Palin "welcome" reported by the Palm Beach Post was far less warm than the article would have people believe. In fact, it was closer to the icy Alaskan welcome wolves receive from aerial gunners seeking the $150 bounty Ms. Palin has put on them in return for their severed forelegs. If she'd driven past rather than sneaking in the back way, I imagine she would have recognized the chill in the air. It would have felt like home.

The Sun-Sentinel referred to the protest as "colorful". I personally could not have been less colorful, holding a black and white sign bearing the black and white truth about Sarah Palin's bloody record on animal rights. I saw many other signs, some in black and white, other in color, but all in an effort to bring the truth into the light. All I heard and saw from Palin's supporters was Republican party-line rhetoric and misinformation.

Perhaps these newspapers are suffering from the same sort of denial-driven tunnel vision that keeps so many Americans in the dark about what's going on in their country. I find such incomplete reporting and mismanagement of the truth irresponsible and shameful. Somewhere, a Republican is smiling.

The upside: At least no one can accuse the Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel of being part of the "liberal" media.

-- Keith Berger (Boca Raton, FL)

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