Samir Jemaaoui Jumped to Death After Killing His Wife in South Beach

Last night, two children reported to security officers at the Flamingo condominium building in South Beach that their mother had been assaulted in her unit. When police showed up, they found the 31-year-old woman dead. Police identified Samir Jemaaoui as the main suspect, and CBS Miami reports that the victim was his wife. They launched a manhunt for Jemaaoui last night.

The search ended today after he flung himself off the Grand apartment building and Doubletree Hotel in the Omni neighborhood, north of downtown Miami. The building is noted for its expansive interior atrium, and Jemaaoui jumped from the inside.  Jemaaoui was arrested twice last year on domestic battery charges, online records show. Both resulted in the court issuing stay-away orders. He was scheduled to appear in court this morning for one of the charges but failed to show up. 

Jemaaoui was a 36-year-old French national. Records show that a Samir Jemaaoui was the owner of La Chicken Rotisserie, a French-themed rotisserie chicken restaurant that opened in 2014 near Biscayne Boulevard and 24th Street in the Edgewater neighborhood. The restaurant closed last year.

"Cuban wife x French husband," one Yelp reviewer raved. "What more do you want??" 

The children, ages 4 and 6, were taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder