Sad Pats Fans Will Have to Suck It Up and Root for the Jets

Is there anything more annoying than Boston sports fans? No sir, there is not. Since 2004, their teams have won a Super Bowl, an NBA Championship, and two World Series, which I'm sure you know if you've talked to any Bostonian for more than five seconds. 

Now Bostonians are going to have to suck it up, and, dear God, give up all that is holy and root for a New York team. Not just any NY team, but the one coached by the guy who reported Belichick last year for illegally videotaping coach signals. Wicked pisser (is that what that means? I do not speak Bostonian).

Anyway, all the Dolphins have to do is beat the Jets (no easy task) to make the playoffs (it feels very weird writing that). For the Pats to get the title, they'll need the Jets to beat the Fins, and win their final game. The sad Jets, after their loss yesterday, need to beat the Fins and have the Pats lose.

Of course maybe we shouldn't piss off Boston fans too much. If Miami wins, New England wins, and the Baltimore Ravens lose, the Pats will score the Wild Card and it will be a Fins vs. Pats rematch in the first round of the playoffs. 

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