Rush Limbaugh Claims He Can Say "N*gga" Now Because Rachel Jeantel Says It's OK

Rachel Jeantel, the Miami Gardens 19-year-old thrust into the spotlight because of her testimony during the George Zimmerman trial, has been making the media rounds this week, and while on CNN's Pierce Morgan said that she doesn't believe the word "n*gga" is a racial term, no matter who says it.

Rush Limbaugh decided to jump all over it, and said "n*gga" on his radio show.

Here's a recap of Jeantel's statement on the word on CNN from Naked Politics:

"The whole world say it's a racist word," she said, adding that she believed people changed it around [and] It start spelling N-I-G-G-A..."

What's that mean to you? Morgan asked her.

"That mean a male," Jeantel responded, "any kind of male. Any kind. Chinese can say nigga. That's my Chino, nigga. They can say that."

There are limits, she said.

"But nigger," she added, stressing the pronunciation of the last two letters, "I'll advise you not to use that...because that's a racist word."

Limbaugh decided to take her advice literally.

Jeantel was on Huffington Post Live today and disagreed with Limbaugh's characterization of her statement.

Personally not only do I think that white people should never use the "n-word" or any of its variations, but I also think white people should stop asking why they can't use the n-word or any of its variations. If you don't get it at this point you never will. Just accept it and move on with your white lives.

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Kyle Munzenrieder